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Nevada Bill To Legalize Marijuana Consumption Lounges Heads To Governor’s Desk
(The Governor has signed the bill and takes effect October 1st. 2021)

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Las Vegas Dispensaries​

Dispensaries are starting to build Consumption Lounges. 

The State of Nevada has passed AB 341 a Cannabis Consumption Lounge bill.


This legislation has so many positive ramifications for the cannabis and tourism industry!  Allowing Consumption Lounges in Las Vegas will show the world how safe cannabis consumption lounges can be.


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What are your ideas for a Cannabis Lounge?


  • Night Club 

  • Restaurant 

  • Yoga Studio 

  • Game Room

  • Paint and Art 

    Remember, some business ideas are perfect to be located near a Cannabis Lounge.  Get those creative juices flowing!

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Can I get a license?

Are you interested in developing a Cannabis Consumption Lounge?

  • How much is a Consumption license? 

  • What type Licenses are their?

  • When does this take effect?

  • Do I need an attorney? 

This site will be posting more information as it becomes available. 


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